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9 Lessons

9 Lessons

My fellow sales people……

It’s been a tough few weeks and I would like to share 9 lessons with you which you may already know but let me just tell you;

• The quest for perfection is one that never ends

• You don’t need to overthink that next move

• It’s okay to fail. Just always learn from the mistakes

• When there is life, there is hope

• Love yourself unconditionally

• Be generous. It makes you live longer

• Pray to your God whenever you can

• Do not settle for less

• First impression actually really matters

I really wanted to continue listing but I would save the other lessons for my future posts as I am new to this blogging hustle.

The team has been very supportive and we have put together amazing processes and technologies to make your sales on our platform as seamless as possible. We have launched the blog today but we also want you to state your sales intent to so that we can give you the first mover advantage when we launch the e-commerce site next month.

While we do this, we would also appreciate your feedback on the user experience on this website and how you think we could serve you better in future.


  1. This inspired me cos I gat a lot of business ideas but I Dnt av funding. But I gat dis new business idea that dsnt need a lot of capital but am afraid to start cos am like Wat if it dsnt work out


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