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Suemanuel Collection — Still on the Grind

Suemanuel Collection — Still on the Grind

All the dresses spotted here are first for sale and you could simply leave a comment if any design speaks to your fashion consciousness.

“The hustle is real”
This popular statement is one that we hear every other day but if it hasn’t hit you well, you may not fully understand it. I wasn’t joking when I called myself that broke chic before.

Well, let me just put It out there that I can also model for your fashion labels or makeup brands and we will put together an amazing lookbook for your brand. My team is bad like that.  *winks* ?

Just leave a comment in the box and I promise to reach out to you.

Thank you


  1. this is beautiful, ola. I’ll like you to model
    For my clothing brand. I’ll be expecting a feedback .

  2. Hello, we produce and sell crochet hair and braids wig, I’ll love to do a collaboration with you.

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