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Sunday Funday💃

Sunday Funday💃

Hi babes!

So yesterday was a pretty long day for me, in the morning, had to fetch water from my neighbor’s house to fill my drums and I had to carry it on my head back and forth like a village girl😆 and then in the afternoon I had to meet up with my stylist to change my hairdo. By the way, I’m I the only one who hates the whole saloon wahala? It’s stressful for me especially because I don’t like anybody I’m not intimate with touching my hair (Don’t overthink that statement lol). At night I went out with my friends from Abu Dhabi and I had mad fun.

Yes! I’m a very good dancer for those who don’t know, lol.

I haven’t slept at all as I had to go to church but I am very happy because I felt I needed the outing💃

Now I’m ready for sunday brunch with the girls at Metro Cafe! How is your weekend going? I hope its just as sunny as mine!




  1. Hey Ola!! Your beauty is everything and more. I love the color combination, you slayed this look effortlessly gir!! ❤️.

  2. I feel you…I have only one hairstylist I love and she’s Now in Lagos while I’m in abuja, ever since then I’ve been using wigs 😭😩


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