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In honor of this week’s episode of my current favorite tv series “THE BOLD TYPE” and Maroon 5’s music video “SUGAR” I will be dishing out some tips and tricks on wedding crashing. Though you’d think that it’d be an easy feat to accomplish, think again. Wedding crashing requires a serious poker face, thinking on the fly and some serious spontaneity.

Let me give you a quick recap, I have had the blue dress in the photos for a while now but the perfect event for it never came along (Sad face emoji). So I decided enough is enough and spontaneously suggested to my friends to crash a wedding I heard about during the week. (Happy face emoji) Yolo y’all!

Funny enough, there is actually an APP for wedding crashers, They really do have an app for everything! However for those who just like to do it the old fashioned way, I read up on a few tips and tricks about wedding crashing. Check it out and for an extra bonus, see Maroon 5’s Sugar video.

1. Dress to impress.

The first rule of wedding crashing? Don’t look like you’re crashing a wedding. Before you step foot on the premises, figure out if you need an access card to enter and what the other guests are wearing. Are they dressed to the moon or looking laidback? Once you determine the dress code, make sure you look the part! I showed up in a beautiful electric blue dress and I was feeling more than fly.

2. Get your story straight.

Practice, practice, practice! For starters, know the names of the bride and groom. Not sure how? Also, be sure you have your own story in place. Are you and your fellow crasher cousins? Friends or lovers? Engaged or married? Whatever you decide, rehearse how you’ll introduce yourself and each other. You can only imagine how many times I practiced saying “I’m engaged to one of the grooms men .”

3. Bring a present.

Since you’re crashing the party (and possibly getting some free booze, food and fun out of the deal), it’s only right to bring a gift. It doesn’t need to be big and flashy, but showing up with a little something will not only help you blend in, but might also help ease some the guilt you’ll inevitably feel from showing up uninvited.

4. Blend in by standing out.

Okay, we might have learned this from the movie “Wedding Crashers,” but I really listened to this advice. When it came time for the bouquet toss, the girl got up front and center and jumped higher than we even thought was physically possible to try and get those flowers. Only if you are bold though, No pressure lol.

5. Bust a move.

To avoid talking to the family of the bride and groom some more, you can head to the dance floor and pull out some serious moves…If weddings were made for especially cheesy dancing, I and my girlfriends, the twins would definitely take the price. At least we owned it lol.

Have a great week everyone and get your hustle gloves on.




  1. The dress is all shades of gorgeous. I like you. Every slay queen on ig wants to own a blog, forgetting that slaying and writing are worlds apart but you are a fantastic blogger with very interesting pieces. Mrs Kay

  2. This is me laughing out loud after reading everything 😅😅. I need to crash a wedding once i get to Nigeria, may God help me 🙈🙈. You look so gorgeous, your are a queen 👸🏽 😍😍❤️❤️❤️

  3. This is right up absolutely amazing! And you look like a bag of Dollars 💵 you are like the best wedding crasher I have seen 😻😻🌸🌸🌸💖💖💖….. Much love ❤️

  4. Bad child! Wedding crashing? Interesting I should try it out one of these days. The only problem is all my cousins r so young. They can’t join me in crashing weddings. And this sort of thing shouldn’t be done alone. Ola, the next time u wanna crash a wedding, could u invite me? I’d tag along

  5. Your writing just kills it all the time…you’re really good at what you do. Thank God I subscribed

  6. This post is so for me 😁😁like I hardly go to weddings but with this mehn 💃💃💃I have to start crashing ❤️. By the way you look amazing ❤️Always though 😘

  7. Ooh my … lol.
    I have definitely found a new addiction #your blog#cl Definitely crashing a wedding tomorrow #its been a long week#

  8. “I’m engaged to one of the grooms men”😂😂 I didn’t even know there’s an app for party crashing. Lol.

  9. THis is Rily nice…because the whole idea brings smile and happiness to the couple’s face…I watched basketMouth walked into an event as a wedding crasher and you really need to see the joy on the couples face….nice idea thumbs up


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