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Chronicles of a Market woman.

Chronicles of a Market woman.

For the past 4 weeks, a lot has happened and I owe you an explanation for my lack of engagement here.

I have been in Lagos markets for those weeks I have discovered that nothing (not even a 7 figure income) can give you joy if you’re not doing what you love.

I am very glad I have been able to put a smile on the faces of all my Customers in these past weeks even the troublesome ones lol.

I would really like to know your take on doing what you are really passionate about even if it stresses you out OR staying in you comfort zone where you earn a reasonable fixed income doing what you are paid to do. (Personally I want to a job that will make me travel the world! Now that is the life!) Ola! Ola! Wake up u are dreaming! Lol.




  1. Lol
    Olar baby first of all you aren’t dreaming. You attract whatever you think of. Keep working towards it and it’ll be in your front before you even know it. Secondly I really believe doing what you love as a job is the best thing that could happen to a person. Personally I love nail artistry and make up and getting paid for it just gives me extra joy even if it’s stressful af 😭.
    More grease to your elbow baby girl. I’m glad I subscribed to your blog. Good write up and remember we gat your back 😉.

  2. Well when you do something you are passionate about you will be happy now matter the amount you earn don’t get me wrong though… Having a good pay at any job is good but the joy you get from doing what you love is priceless

  3. Doing what you love makes you happy even when its stressing you. i think thats what passion is and thays how sucessful people begin.
    i love u blog.

  4. Yes absolutely no joy compares with doing exactly what you love. But on actuality, a lot of peopke start by doing what they are paid to do…. And some people along the line end up loving it. Some haven’t been able to figure out what they love, some don’t have the patience to nurture what they love and wait till it blossom, a lot of people do what they love by the side and do what they are paid to do alongside. Its a wierd mix but we all make it work anyway. Love you Olar

  5. I work as a lawyer and I run my own fashion business. I love both but if I could pick one I would pick the fashion business over law. The Fashion Business is fun but extremely stressful and competitive so some times it can be very discouraging. Whenever I’m stressed out by a customer or burnt out by the business, God always does something to courage me and He is why I have stayed in the business.

  6. Personally, doing something you love and making a living while at it its a blssing. (Not many people have that) it helps you strive to be better in what you do and despite the stress, you do it without so much grumbling because you love your job

  7. Doing what you love is more fulfilling and satisfying than doing what you are paid to do. Am an Embroidery Digitizer/Operator, I work with so much passion because I love what am paid to do. But it doesn’t stop me from venturing into fashion business alongside my job.



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