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About Me

About OlarslimBroke girl turned Entrepreneur…

Just for formality, I’d ask that you simply call me Ola while we ignore all other boring details.

I started out as the regular 9-5 lady but I was always broke! Salary always finished before it was paid. This journey started with Jumia Nigeria and I loved the e-commerce concept so much that I was actually always excited to go to work but therein laid the problem….CONSTANT BROKENESS…real quick, I wore my thinking hat to think of side hustle with my talents.

Singing was the first idea but this turned gory on my first audition outside the bathroom. By 2015, I had changed jobs a couple of times in pursuit of happiness but as the brokenness persisted, Fashion came to the rescue. I always had the passion for styling my friends, sending hacks and creating outfit inspirations so I decided to start a business where I source everything I wear for interested buyers and make profit. I was already exposed to this amazing fashion world and I wanted to share it with other women, to give them a clear view into that glamorous sphere I was experiencing.


Fashion to me, is not about how much you spend, but how great and self-confident you feel. Fashion gives the power of expression and the freedom to play around with styles and trends no matter the social strata you belong. I spend time picking the right colors and looking for the best quality items on a budget to spark up the excitement or it’s simply not the right fit.

On this Blog, you will find my daily style routine, articles about women empowerment, outfit inspirations, tips on how to start and build a business and current obsessions.