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Selling on Olarslim

The current categories we can cater for are;

  • Fashion
    • Shoes
    • Clothes
    • Bags
    • Hats
    • Fashion accessories
  • Beauty and Make up
    • Human hair
    • Make-up products
    • Fragrances
    • Sexual wellness
  • Home and Kitchen
    • Bed and Furnishing
    • Curtains and blinds
    • Rug and carpets
    • Décor
    • Dining
    • Kitchen utensils
    • Cook and bakeware
  • Gift items

To make the process as seamless as possible, please take professional pictures of your products (500×500 OR 250×250).

Create an excel file with the following columns;

  • Product name as you want it to appear on the website
  • Product description
  • Product price
  • Product variations i.e. sizes

Product Image should already be re-named to align with what exists on the excel file.
Products with different colours should be sent across as well, i.e. if a shoe exists in 4 different colours, all the images of the shoes in the different colours must be sent across.


As we grow, we will provide you with a dashboard to manage your stock and inventory entirely by yourself.

Please direct all your sales enquiries and requests to

Thank you.